About Iconic Moves, Powerful Transitions


We foster a worldwide, targeted transformation of youths' attitudes and perspectives towards life across the globe. Concentrating on inner-city communities in every city, state, and nation, our mission is to enrich and mold the lives of young adults, instilling in them a fresh outlook on life, paving the way for a brighter future. Our commitment is to guide the youth of today as they evolve into the accomplished and triumphant adults of tomorrow.


Iconic Moves, Powerful Transitions (ICPT) is more than just a stylish apparel line; it's a movement of uplifting and captivating messages. Our mission goes beyond clothing – we aim to empower and inspire the youth to achieve iconic status, leaving a positive and far-reaching impact on the world throughout their lives and careers.


Our Founder and CEO, Brian, understanding that most inner-city children have little access to positive outlets, support and mentorship where they could become a part of something positive and be led in a productive direction, set out to create an umbrella organization and support structure for young adults around the world dedicated to enriching their lives.The result of his journey is an organization that emphasizes the importance of living life to be ICONIC and making the right decisions along the way in order to create a positive and fulfilling future.